How To Find A Life Coach

Mary Morrissey

Find a life coach

You have finally made the decision that you need a life coach to help you in one or more areas of your life. But, how do you find a life coach that is reputable and experienced? If you decide to search for the term ‘life coach’ online you will receive plenty of results in return. However, it is important that you choose the best life coach for your particular needs.

If you do choose a life coach that you feel you are not properly matched with you can easily leave that coach and find another that is better suited for you. Life coaching has so many advantages that you will still receive benefits from a coach that you are not compatible with.
There are several tips that you can follow when you are looking for a life coach so you will receive the most benefits and accomplish the goal that you have set out to achieve.

Choose the Right Category

What area of your life do you need the life coach to help you with? There are many different types of life coaches, and while most offer general coaching, they prefer to specialize in areas of coaching where they are the most familiar or have the most experience. There are sub categories to life coaching and some of these categories are:

Career coaching
• Business coaching
• Success coaching
• Parenting coaching
• Dating coaching
• Recovery coaching

When you are sure of the area that you want to concentrate on, you can choose a life coach the offers the kind of coaching that you require.

Mary Manin Morrissey

You’re Style and The Coach’s Style

You may want to have a life coach that thinks about your style. Do you want to go with someone who is direct and forthright or do you want to go with one who knows how to listen? Do you like a coach that could know where you are coming from? You will fare better when you work with someone that can give you guidance in a way that is quick and appreciative.

Find a life coachDo You Want Your Sessions To Be In Person?

In most training for life coaching, they usually happen over phone calls. If you are interested in having a life coach, you should look one over your local area. Think of a probable coach that could give you a coaching session. Many will not though there will be still others who will charge you for more than the service you asked for.

Ask For Referrals

The best way to do things is to look for a life coach through your friends, family and colleagues’ suggestions. You may want to know if the life coach they worked with would be good for you also.

• Your budget
• Your style
• Their effectiveness

Let those closest to you know that you are looking for a life coach and they may be able to refer someone reputable and credible to you.

Narrow Your Choices

If you have seen three to four possible coaches for you, then you can narrow the area by calling them or visiting websites. Look for the appropriate questions to know if they will be fit for you and if not, look for another one.

In times that you know you are in dire demand of coach, you must not rush on your choices. Take your time to be able to choose the best. Choose the one that you know can be of great help to you. Now Find a life coach.


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